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Arcade Machine Rental

Eventguru: Your One-Stop Solution for Arcade Machine Rental

Are you looking for high-quality arcade machine rental for corporate events, corporate break rooms, parties and trade shows?

Look no further.
We, at Eventguru offer some of the best arcade machine rentals that you are going to love for sure.All you have to do is go through our collection and select the arcade game that you want to make your event special.

Claw Catcher Machine

claw machine rental singapore

Claw Machine Branding

claw machine rental

LED Claw Catcher Machine

LED claw catcher

LED Claw Machine Branding

Key Master

golden key

Mystery Box

takara box

Gachapon Machine

Capsule machine

Bishi Bashi Arcade

bishi bashi machine

Whack a Croc

whack a mole

LED Basketball

basketball arcade machine

Basketball Arcade

Arcade basketball machine

Arcade Puncher

ultimate puncher

Arcade Hi Striker

king of hammer

Sound Voltex

Darts Machine

Darts live

House Of Dead

Alien Termination

Time Crisis 2

Time Crisis 2

Pinball (Mechanism)

pinball machine rental

Whack A Frog (KID)

whack a mole

Foosball Table

Arcade Soccer

arcade foosball

Naughty Bean

beat bean

Video Arcade Game

classic arcade game

Air Hockey Table

air hockey game

Arcade Air Hockey

Air Hockey Table

Daytona USA Racing

daytona racing game

Daytona 2 Racing

Daytona Twin 2

Mario Kart Arcade

Outrun Arcade

Outrun Arcade racing


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