SCAL Foreign Workers’ Carnival

SCAL Foreign Workers’ Carnival

On the 29th of April 2019, The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd (SCAL) organized the SCAL Foreign Workers Carnival. The purpose of the event is to show appreciation for the workers’ hard work and contribution. The event also highlights the significance of Labour Day!

  inflatable archery
The organizers of the event wanted a carnival that can cater to a wide variation of fun and as always, Eventguru was there to give their best suggestions!
We recommended having a few of the best in our different type of fun carnival equipment!

Eventguru and the organizers decided to go with the House of Dead, Classic Video arcade and the basketball machine from our arcade section. We also rented out the SAFE Archery and Penalty shootout to add a little more physicality to the fun! A bunch of not-so-easy game stalls was also present so the attendees can have fun and laughter watching their fellow compatriots play! Queues grew longer fast as everyone wanted a piece of the action. It must have been a while since they had taken a break and just have fun!

arcade machine rental      inflatable soccer      basketball arcade

At the end of the day, Eventguru and the organizers were glad that we managed to work together and deliver the purpose of the whole carnival which was to bring fun and happiness to everyone. And again we say, there’s nothing more rewarding than to put a smile on everyone’s faces! Here’s to many more successful events!

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Where to rent Arcade Machines in Singapore?

Do you seek the best arcade machine rentals for your events, parties or corporate functions, do you want to round the clock support on the arcade rentals with qualified staff on standby ready to put in place arcade machines which never seem to fall out of place? 

With Eventguru, you need not worry about such mundane issues, as we provide some of the best arcade machine rentals, and an excellent follow-up service to ensure that your event experiences zero hitches as a result of a disgruntled child whose coins just got swallowed by the basketball arcade machine.



Kindly scroll through our catalogues and make your picks from our wide variety of top-notch Arcade Machine Rentals and get your selected rentals delivered right to your doorstep and set up by our staff.

At Eventguru, we offer a wide variety of Arcade Machine Rentals, ranging from the very commonplace Arcade Basketball Machine to the Claw Machine, some of our popular arcade rentals include:

  • Claw Machine
  • Daytona USA Racing
  • Darts Machine
  • Arcade Puncher
  • Arcade Hi Striker
  • Alien Termination
  • Soccer Arcade
  • House of Dead
  • Point Blank 2
  • Whack a Croc
  • Naughty Bean / Beat Bean
  • Table Soccer
  • Air Hockey Machine
  • Bishi Bashi Arcade
  • Arcade Video Game
  • LED Claw Catcher Machine
  • Mystery box vending Machine

basketball machine soccer table arcade bishi bashi game

arcade racing game customize claw machine naughty bean

Contact Eventguru today for your Arcade machine rentals to ensure hitch-free services as the availability of qualified staff at your beck and call ensures that you do not have to worry about disgruntled users throwing tantrums and disrupting your event simply because the Alien terminator Arcade machine went AWOL. Thanks to a wide variety of Arcade machines, there’s always something for everyone.  And to add icing on a very sweet cake, the arcade machines rented from Eventguru, are transported and installed by trained staff, relieving you of all that stress and frustration on the D-day.
Contact Eventguru today to get a quote for arcade machine rentals around Singapore.


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Arcade Games for Keat Hong Constituency Education Merit Awards Day

On the 27th of January and 3rd of February, Eventguru was called upon by Keat Hong Constituency to supply some fun at their annual Education Merit Awards presentation ceremony held at the brand new Keat Hong Community Centre.
We were honoured to be able to extend our services for such a joyous occasion.

As the presentation ceremony was organised for students and their families, we recommended our services that can amuse the variety of attendees to the friendly organisers of Keat Hong Community Centre. We came to an agreement to rent the Bishi Bashi arcade machine, the Foosball machine, Beat Beans and the Air Hockey machine.

Bishi Bashi game Naughty Bean arcade air hockey

Photos credit to Keat Hong Constituency

We were delighted and most importantly, satisfied to be able to see proud parents and students going up the stage to receive their individual awards and then proceeding to the “play area” of Eventguru. Attendees lined up to have some fun at our machines and the queue stretched on way after the event has ended. We were glad that the arcade games were able to entertain the attendees of the ceremony.

foosball table    Bishi Bashi arcade game

Eventguru will always be honoured to be able to deliver more fun to such a memorable occasion. A smile on the faces of the students while playing our machines will always be cherished. We would like to extend our gratitude to Keat Hong Constituency for that honour. Here’s to more events as such!

Check out for a fun and exciting range of arcade equipments we provide below!

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“Introducing Eventguru’s very own Claw Catcher Machines”










Introducing Eventguru’s very own Claw Catcher Machines.

The classic game of luck and concentration. Still found in arcades everywhere in Singapore, it’s a game that will always be in demand, a great reason to have it at your events and parties. It will keep everyone occupied.



Eventguru’s fleet of Claw Catcher machines have 3 different play modes; coins, tokens or free play. Using coins means players have to pay to play.
These play modes are most suitable for charity events or fundraisers.
People would definitely pay knowing that their money would be put to good use and additionally get a gift in return. We also have 2 kinds of machines that can be rented, the normal LED-lighted machine and the premium attractive one with LEDs lining through the outline of the machine.

Tokens are non-monetary coins that are suited for promotional events. Players of the game at these events will usually come for a different purpose. The usage of the tokens can be used as “freebies”. For example, signing up or being affiliations to your company would mean they would get tokens to play the Claw Catcher machine. Great way to entertain the kids as the adults can focus on their intent. Tokens can also be used during birthday parties, entitling a child with a token or two to the machine would mean fair amount of play time for everyone

Free play is great for weddings and also family gatherings. Giving unlimited plays to your guests will entertain them for quite some time but it will be costly option too. So, for non-profitable events, this will be ideal option to let your guests have a go at the Claw Catcher.

Customisation branding is also one of Eventguru’s versatility. We can adapt to different kind of designs and suit any kind of event. Customisation branding ensures that your theme will be at its best or remove the dullness of certain locations at your events. Branding can also be a way to promote your company.

arcade machine claw catcher

Claw Catcher

Gifts, the most important part of the game and that are why we prioritise what kind of gifts you want to be placed in the machine. The gifts come in variety, gifts that can match the theme of your event or your company, gifts that can hold sentimental or monetary value or just random gifts to entertain your guests.

capsule ballclaw catcher rental

Yes, the Claw Catcher machine can be a rather radical and bulky option for entertainment at your events but it will be worth it. Having lasted for decades and always being in demand at arcades for it’s challenging but yet fun gameplay, renting the Claw Catcher Machine from Eventguru will definitely prove its worth as one of the famous entertainments around!

Email us at to book a claw catcher for your events or parties now!



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Why host themed parties/events?

Hosting themed events is a wonderful and meaningful way of celebrating all things dear and precious to our heart.
It allows one to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce the good old days.
It also gives one an opportunity to break out of the usual routine and have a sensory experience of something different, something  unique.

Traditional snack live station Traditional snack setup Traditional cakes Traditional Kueh Station Drink Stall Live Station






Do not let your dream event remain as a figment of your imagination. 

Speak to our creative team and let us help you to turn that into a reality!

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