Arcade Games for Keat Hong Constituency Education Merit Awards Day

On the 27th of January and 3rd of February, Eventguru was called upon by Keat Hong Constituency to supply some fun at their annual Education Merit Awards presentation ceremony held at the brand new Keat Hong Community Centre.
We were honoured to be able to extend our services for such a joyous occasion.

As the presentation ceremony was organised for students and their families, we recommended our services that can amuse the variety of attendees to the friendly organisers of Keat Hong Community Centre. We came to an agreement to rent the Bishi Bashi arcade machine, the Foosball machine, Beat Beans and the Air Hockey machine.

Bishi Bashi game Naughty Bean arcade air hockey

Photos credit to Keat Hong Constituency

We were delighted and most importantly, satisfied to be able to see proud parents and students going up the stage to receive their individual awards and then proceeding to the “play area” of Eventguru. Attendees lined up to have some fun at our machines and the queue stretched on way after the event has ended. We were glad that the arcade games were able to entertain the attendees of the ceremony.

foosball table    Bishi Bashi arcade game

Eventguru will always be honoured to be able to deliver more fun to such a memorable occasion. A smile on the faces of the students while playing our machines will always be cherished. We would like to extend our gratitude to Keat Hong Constituency for that honour. Here’s to more events as such!

Check out for a fun and exciting range of arcade equipments we provide below!

“Introducing Eventguru’s very own Claw Catcher Machines”










Introducing Eventguru’s very own Claw Catcher Machines.

The classic game of luck and concentration. Still found in arcades everywhere in Singapore, it’s a game that will always be in demand, a great reason to have it at your events and parties. It will keep everyone occupied.



Eventguru’s fleet of Claw Catcher machines have 3 different play modes; coins, tokens or free play. Using coins means players have to pay to play.
These play modes are most suitable for charity events or fundraisers.
People would definitely pay knowing that their money would be put to good use and additionally get a gift in return. We also have 2 kinds of machines that can be rented, the normal LED-lighted machine and the premium attractive one with LEDs lining through the outline of the machine.

Tokens are non-monetary coins that are suited for promotional events. Players of the game at these events will usually come for a different purpose. The usage of the tokens can be used as “freebies”. For example, signing up or being affiliations to your company would mean they would get tokens to play the Claw Catcher machine. Great way to entertain the kids as the adults can focus on their intent. Tokens can also be used during birthday parties, entitling a child with a token or two to the machine would mean fair amount of play time for everyone

Free play is great for weddings and also family gatherings. Giving unlimited plays to your guests will entertain them for quite some time but it will be costly option too. So, for non-profitable events, this will be ideal option to let your guests have a go at the Claw Catcher.

Customisation branding is also one of Eventguru’s versatility. We can adapt to different kind of designs and suit any kind of event. Customisation branding ensures that your theme will be at its best or remove the dullness of certain locations at your events. Branding can also be a way to promote your company.

arcade machine claw catcher

Claw Catcher

Gifts, the most important part of the game and that are why we prioritise what kind of gifts you want to be placed in the machine. The gifts come in variety, gifts that can match the theme of your event or your company, gifts that can hold sentimental or monetary value or just random gifts to entertain your guests.

capsule ballclaw catcher rental

Yes, the Claw Catcher machine can be a rather radical and bulky option for entertainment at your events but it will be worth it. Having lasted for decades and always being in demand at arcades for it’s challenging but yet fun gameplay, renting the Claw Catcher Machine from Eventguru will definitely prove its worth as one of the famous entertainments around!

Email us at to book a claw catcher for your events or parties now!



Why host themed parties/events?

Hosting themed events is a wonderful and meaningful way of celebrating all things dear and precious to our heart.
It allows one to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce the good old days.
It also gives one an opportunity to break out of the usual routine and have a sensory experience of something different, something  unique.

Traditional snack live station Traditional snack setup Traditional cakes Traditional Kueh Station Drink Stall Live Station






Do not let your dream event remain as a figment of your imagination. 

Speak to our creative team and let us help you to turn that into a reality!

Tangs Relaunch Party

Tangs Relaunch Party

On the 22nd of August 2017, Tangs held its relaunch party for the Kids department over at Vivocity. Eventguru was invited to organise the event and since Eventguru have always been catering to events that involves children, we were delighted to host this one as well.The Eventguru team met with the Tangs committee to make up a great layout and create an ambience where potential customers will be attracted to enter the newly refurbished kids zone.

We placed our friendly balloon staffs at each entrance of Tangs, distributing decorated orange balloons to children. Throughout the entirety of the event, Tangs was filled with orange balloons floating around the store. What a wonderful sight it was!

balloon with stickcandy station











Carnival food greeted patrons with its delicious smell and sight. Cotton candy, popcorn and nachos align the entrance of Tangs, giving away the snacks to anyone who have spend anything in Tangs. A great marketing scheme done by Tangs!


animal balloons









Over at the main highlight of the show, Eventguru set up a playpen with animal walkers balloons for children to have fun walking their zoo animals around. A cute sight to stumble upon for the other patrons of Tangs. A photo booth was also set with Tangs very own customised backdrop. Patrons flock the area to get their pictures taken for free. The photos serves as a happy reminder of their support and participation for Tangs Relaunch Party!

DBS National Day Observance Celebration

DBS National Day Observance

It was a day of joyful and entertaining family fun! Families gathered in the Tower 3 of the Marina Bay Financial Centre to witness the National Day parade live and on the television. Children were left amazed to be able to watch Fighter jets roar across the sky and the ever amazing firework display finale.

Eventguru was invited to organise the entire event. We prepared food for the guests with live stations such as Hot Dogs, Candy floss and Kacang Puteh. The food was consumed with great ease and enjoyment while witnessing the spectacle of the parade. All of Eventguru’s staff was dressed in either red or white to blend in with the festivities for the day.


hotdog live station hotdog kiosk

kachang puteh






We also had a photobooth set up for the guests so that they can capture the day with family and friends. A frame was designed to dedicate our nation’s 52nd birthday with Red and White. The venue was also a perfect place to hold small intimate events such as this. We decorated the venue with banners and a red and white balloon arch to amplify the feeling of patriotism for our nation.

Photobooth photobooth

instant photo booth






As we know that this event are aimed for families, we did prepare entertainment for the kids as well. Game stalls were set up to entertain them while the adults can have a relaxing time interacting with the other adults. Our staff was there to ensure the safety of the kids during some funtime. We also called upon our talented face painter so that the children can be decorated in harmony with Singapore’s birthday.

Carnival game stall









The whole event was indeed a great success for all as the staff of Eventguru and DBS were caught on with this great day!



Churros Live Station

Churros; simple savoury snack or dessert for any occasion at any time.
It is usually served with chocolate fillings and a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar, however, here at Eventguru, everything is done with a dash of innovation.

To elevate the already delicious original Churros, we are introducing well known flavours into the mix such as Cookies n Cream!In addition, we also have toppings and dips such as chocolate and caramel to richen the experience for your taste buds.

The Eventguru’s Churros Live Station can be decorated in countless ways to best fit the theme of the event: weddings, parties, whatever it is, consider it done!

Professional churro makers will carefully craft and mould the bite-sized
go-to snack. All will be deep fried right in front of your very eyes! So if you want a simple and delicious snack for your party, you will never go wrong with Eventguru’s Churros.


churros kiosk      churros

Nostalgic Snacks – Kacang Puteh Live Stall

Kacang Puteh is a well-known snack of Singapore. The word Kacang Puteh, literally means white beans. Intrinsically, the snack is a delicious mixture of several different kinds of nuts, including cashews, chicken peas, roasted peanuts and sugar coated peanuts, engulfed in a cone shaped paper.
kacang putih
Kacang Puteh is a wonderful snack for all of your celebratory events. It brings the traditional fervor and taste of yesteryears to any occasion. But as its trade is vanishing in Singapore, it is very hard to locate any authentic seller in the city. To fulfil the requirements of Kacang Puteh lovers, we provide dedicated Kacang Puteh services for different events, parties and occasions.  

To make sure that the Kacang Puteh served by us tastes just the best, we ensure that the snack is made with all the authentic ingredients, hygiene and preparation techniques. The quality of the snack is always top-notch as we select the best available assortment of special constituents, mainly 6-8 different nuts ranging from chicken peas, seaweed flavored nuts, green peas, cracker nuts, roasted peas and sweetened peanuts.

Moreover, our customers have the unique choice of selecting the style of their preference, by setting up a distinct Kacang Puteh live station such as unique bicycle stalls, traditional push carts and specific booths dedicated to Kacang Puteh. 

These different variations are particularly developed, to add extra grace to the fervor of your event.

kacang puteh


New Bouncy Castles 2016 !


Our extraordinary bouncers are designed to delight children’s imaginations and create a fun & exhilarating experience. Parents will be delighted seeing their little children having fun!

Bouncy Castles are one of the most popular & requested item in any events.
Each thoughtfully designed inflatable is made of high quality material and comes in 4 sizes. They come in various themes to cater to different occasions and events and are available in 4 sizes.

 We are positive our inflatables will add that Oomph factor to your event!

Backyard Fun Bouncy Castle

backyard-fun-side backyard-fun-side2

Welcome to the Backyard Club where you can play with friends and bounce sky high! Enter through the old tire swing and discover a world of fun and adventure. At the back of this large bouncer, you can climb the life size, tall tree and poke your head through the bright red donut hole to view the entire bounce area. Look down on your friends and family bouncing on the green grass field, hopping over inflated mushrooms and even racing through hoop arcs in the mini obstacle course. The backyard has never been so much fun!

Candy Pop Playland

bouncy castle rental candy-pop-playland-s

Enter the Gumball Bouncer where the bounce boosts are super sweet! A big area opens up right in front of the entrance where you can have a bounce party with family and friends. Watch the candy cane pillars sway and jump with you as the bouncer moves under your feet! The candy dotted floor pattern is the perfect place to play imagination games and mark that can jump the farthest. When you’re ready for the main event, climb up through the quarter slot ladder to the gumball bowl and tumble down the slide out the mouth of the machine, just like the colourful gumdrops overhead!
Book this bouncer for Christmas Season and imagine you’re playing with Santa.

Military Challenge (MEGA Obstacle Inflatable)

bouncy castle rental bouncy castle rental bouncy castle rental

Test your skills and race friends through military style bouncer course that challenges reflexes, flexibility, balance and speed! Fly through the camouflage style entrance and make your way through the first challenge with strategically placed bouncer bars. Go under, over, across or around the bouncer, soft tunnels and more before climbing up the tall slide. The first one to touch the ground on the other side wins.

Bouncy castle is one of the most sought after items in EventGuru!

For more selection of our new inflatables , visit our page:



Animal Kiddy Rides Rental

Does your child want to know how it feels riding an animal at home, malls or any outdoor area?

Here at Eventguru, we provide animal rides for birthday events or any other occasional events. Not only will your child feels the excitement of riding a slow moving 100 kg stuffed kiddy ride, but you can also ride along with them too.

kiddy ride animal ride
Animal ride is a safe and fun kiddy ride entertainment for the whole family.There’s music when the animals are moving. The ride is operated by step on pedal at a slow walking pace speed, making it easy to keep up with your little adventure. All you need to do is push a pedal or thumb button to accelerate and release to halt.

Contact Us now to find out more about our carnival equipment rental. 



A Carnival is a time for fun and frolic !

Carnival games have to be relatively easy and simple.
They are for people of all ages, unless you are targeting a specific age group. Carnival games must also be captivating enough to engage many people at the same time, as the adage goes, ‘the more the merrier’.
Hence, we bring to you an assortment of carnival games and carnival game stalls that will not just intrigue your audience but also satiate them.

Take Tic Tac Toe, a clever rendition of the classic game; Rodeo Bull Loop, again a reprise of a class or Carnival Ring Loop which is a tad more challenging.

carnival game stall

There is a plethora of carnival game stalls to choose from, including the Frog Leap Launcher, Down The Duckling, Wild West Shootout, Milk Can Toss, Crazy Ball, Color Match, Horse Shoe Toss, Tiger’s Golfing Time and 3D Bowling Alley among others.
All carnival games have a story to tell, a backdrop and relevance in pop culture.

More new carnival game stalls will be available soon!