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Hotdog Machine Rental

hotdog bun

Hotdogs! hotdogs! Come get your hotdogs!
Everyone’s favourite go to snack to keep those stomach filled.
Hot juicy chicken franks placed in between fresh hotdog buns, covered with chilli sauce and mustard, who will ever get tired of that?

Our halal certified chicken franks will be placed in the griller to have it evenly cooked, and it will wait there waiting to fill your stomach.

So do rent our Hotdog food stall to keep your guests happy and satisfied at your events.


Hotdogs Bun Station
100 pax$288
200 pax$300
300 pax$450
400 pax$600
500 pax$750

Do enquire with us if you are catering to 600pax or more

  • Professional manpower to grill and serve
  • Ingredients
  • Equipments
  • Delivery and collection
  • Selection of sauces : chilli, ketchup and mustard
  • Freshly made buns with chicken frank

Logistic requirement from client : 1 x table and 1 x power outlet


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