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Muah Chee Food Stall

much chee food station

Looking for a traditional snack at your event?
Look no further cause we have the ever delicious Muah Chee food stall!
Glutinous rice balls coated with peanut and sugar, simple but ever so delightful.
This snack will sure keep your guests entertained by it’s taste, a snack that you can eat over and over again!

So do rent our Muah Chee food station, you know that we will come with everything needed to get the job done.
Our friendly staffs, fresh products and quality service will be assured at your events!


Muah Chee Station
200 pax$300
300 pax$450
400 pax$600
500 pax$750

Do enquire with us if you are catering to 600pax or more!

  • Professional Manpower with Food Hygiene License
  • Ingredients
  • Equipments
  • Delivery and Collection

Logistic requirement from client : 1 x Table and 1 x Power Outlet

  • Traditional Kampung Food Cart


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